Preservation, conservation and innovation are at the heart of Espiche Golf

At Espiche Golf, a commitment to maintaining the rich heritage of the game has been combined with a concern for the protection of a unique nature reserve in Algarve, Portugal, laying the foundation for responsible future development.
Espiche Golf is different, not only thanks to its location within a national park above an ancient aquifer and in the middle of a fantastic nature reserve in Algarve, Portugal, but also in the underlying ethos behind the management of every aspect of the club, which make us a sustainable golf course. We believe that the future of the game lies in making it sustainable for upcoming generations. To achieve this, we have used cutting edge science and technology to create a course that reflects our duel passions for golf and environmental conservation.
Water is at the heart of Espiche Golf, and we have had to be inventive in our methods to balance the needs of this challenging environment with those of our valued golfers.
We have introduced specialist Paspalum grass combined with Bermuda grass to create a course that requires a third less water than others in the region, while also offering a new dimension for golfers. The natural bush has been preserved to maintain the ecosystem and encourage a rich variety of flora, fauna and wildlife, creating a course that will challenge not only your game, but your entire perception of golf. 
Finding the balance between protecting the environment while creating an exceptional golfing experience is a commitment we have embraced and one we hope that you will also cherish as you play Espiche Golf - knowing that you too are contributing to a far brighter future for golf.